ICS has successfully completed every installation project – with various scopes of work and technologies.

We are able to solve problems and craft solutions for every building’s unique needs – you will no longer contend with never-ending issues while throwing good money after bad. Our team – with its hundreds of man-years of experience in all facets of HVAC design, installation, service, and ongoing maintenance – ensure that your project is done on time and within budget. Most important, you’ll have a system that ensures comfort while reducing on-going maintenance and operating spend.

A Process that Works

Design & Drafting

Our technical expertise – acquired from constant training and decades of knowledge from servicing and maintaining diverse equipment – and our focus on best practices used in new project construction both underscore our commitment to project management and communication. Our core competency of utilizing state-of-the-art technology in Design-Build construction and retrofit projects underscores ICS’s commitment to bringing projects in on-time and under budget.

ICS has in-house design and drafting services and offers Rapid Project Management to ensure your project is kept on track. Our design criteria are to minimize energy costs, extend the life of our client’s heating and cooling equipment, and ensure a comfortable and healthy environment while staying within budget.

SKyhouse HVAC Project
HVAC System - Ruppert Tower

Rapid Project Management

ICS utilizes Web-based project management software that is detailed and comprehensive.  Some of the information at your fingertips will include:

  • Status
  • Project Milestones
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Submittals
  • RFIs
  • Gantt Charts
  • Billing
  • Purchasing
  • Contracts       

Custom Projects

Constant technical advances in heating and cooling equipment – as well as its variety – demands that we properly train and certify our staff. ICS can install and customize any type of equipment and ductwork  – as well as train our staff in our industry’s latest technologies. You can trust the ICS will ensure that your HVAC systems are efficient, trouble-free and customized to the needs of your building. Instead of reacting to issues, you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us. 

Care Center HVAC

Great Job! Everyone at the CDC has been very impressed!

EA 2009

Sound too good to be true? They sure surprised me the first time I hired them. If you use them once, you won’t want anyone else on your projects down the road, and I’ve been through a few in thirty years.

KW 2008

Their field personnel are cuts above the typical HVAC contractor in terms of their can­do attitude, care for adjacent surfaces and client interface (when necessary). Service after installation has been excellent. Many clients sign ICS service contracts to maintain the equipment after installation. ICS is a good value. Few can match their level of service and fewer still can do what they do for their price.

Complete System Installation, Preventative Maintenance

RH 2008

I hired Chris Wisniewski and his team at ICS to install a Daikin split ductless AC system in my apartment in Manhattan. This was not an easy job, as it required a condenser on my terrace, and two fan coils on different floors connected by line set. In a 110-year old former industrial building, getting through the floors was no easy task. The job was capably handled by a crew chief (also named Chris) with determination and patience, working with my Super to make sure everything was done properly and safely. An original estimate of a 5-day project was done in four days, and it looks great. I’d highly recommend ICS for jobs of this nature

Todd Haskell

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