Comprehensive HVAC Services

ICS provides a full range of commercial heating and cooling services, from the earliest stages of system design and installation to long-term monitoring, maintenance and emergency service. Questions about our full suite of HVAC services? Learn more about our process or contact ICS now to request a custom quote.

Integrate Comfort Systems has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Fabrication of Commercial Heating & Cooling Systems
Fabrication of Commercial Heating & Cooling Systems

Local team of experienced sheet metal fabricators provides easy access to high-quality ducts and parts.

HVAC Design & Installation with ICS
State-of-the-Art HVAC Design & Complete Installation

Customized HVAC that maximizes the productivity and efficiency of your building.

HVAC Repair
High-Quality HVAC Replacement Parts

Protect your building with the modern, high-quality and energy-efficient equipment.

Emergency HVAC Service - New York & New Jersey
Around the Clock Emergency HVAC Service

24-hour service in the event of an HVAC system malfunction or failure.

Advanced Remote HVAC Monitoring
Convenient, Effective Remote HVAC Monitoring

Remote monitoring to detect problems before your system fails.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance
Preventative HVAC Maintenance for Peace of Mind

Ensuring the long-term health and efficiency of your systems.

The ICS Resource Center

Great Job! Everyone at the CDC has been very impressed!

EA 2009

Sound too good to be true? They sure surprised me the first time I hired them. If you use them once, you won’t want anyone else on your projects down the road, and I’ve been through a few in thirty years.

KW 2008

Their field personnel are cuts above the typical HVAC contractor in terms of their can­do attitude, care for adjacent surfaces and client interface (when necessary). Service after installation has been excellent. Many clients sign ICS service contracts to maintain the equipment after installation. ICS is a good value. Few can match their level of service and fewer still can do what they do for their price.

Complete System Installation, Preventative Maintenance

RH 2008

I hired Chris Wisniewski and his team at ICS to install a Daikin split ductless AC system in my apartment in Manhattan. This was not an easy job, as it required a condenser on my terrace, and two fan coils on different floors connected by line set. In a 110-year old former industrial building, getting through the floors was no easy task. The job was capably handled by a crew chief (also named Chris) with determination and patience, working with my Super to make sure everything was done properly and safely. An original estimate of a 5-day project was done in four days, and it looks great. I’d highly recommend ICS for jobs of this nature

Todd Haskell

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